September 8, 2015 / by Dele Okusanya /

Understanding the future of Digital

Digital a few years ago was something we saw coming but never envisaged how much it will rock us as an industry. The best way to reach the highest percentage of target is online. Every other means of communication and advertising now becomes traditional. We can’t say they don’t still have their powers but we can say they have lost some of it to this new trend.

Four years ago I and some other creative directors had an interview with African business review in South Africa and we all discussed the future of banner Ads and HTML Then phone screens were very small but today it’s the biggest deal and Google is the biggest winner in this new lucrative trend. Digital agencies are fast springing up and traditional agencies are upgrading with this new trend as an arm.... definitely the bus to jump on at the moment. The good thing is digitalization has not only added jobs across the globe, it has improved and contributed to economies in its own way.

The use of social media has been amazing, communication has been simplified and information can be shared easily. One tweet can immediately trend into a topic discussed all over the world for weeks.

The digital space especially in Africa used to be a thing of the youth but now it’s a powerful tool to reach the world and engage. Large and small businesses, Politicians, Government, individuals, Activists etc can now engage their target audience easily. The world has been more open and the freedom of speech has not been easy to suppress by all those who have been against it.

The digital media also extended to out of home advertising and its fast revolutionalising the business. Digital boards are big, bold and offer a unique experience and expression as far as the out of home advertising is concerned. Technology have recreated and improved the industry in a lot of ways thereby providing dynamism and a better platform to reach the world.

Four years later after that interview, it’s amazing how fast things have changed not only in the digital space but also with technology. If I have to grant such an interview now I won’t be saying in the future for a change or development to happen with technology, I should be saying within the next hour.

Technology is happening to the world and we must keep adapting. I told a colleague one day that very soon people will not have jobs except they have exceptional talent because technology will reduce the cost of official over heads which will affect human resources too. There are services we pay very little to handle at our work place by engaging service platforms online. This means we are gradually going to be cutting not only our work force, also our vendors. These platforms offer these services faster and better than most resident staffs.