September 8. 2015 / by Modupe Samuel /

Three months of creative experience

I’m a student of University of Ilorin. When I resumed at the beginning of my 200 level session, I was told that we would be doing our industrial training that year. The interesting thing about my department; Mass Communication, is that it has three various sequences which gives one the choice of where to specialise from 300 level. The three sequences are Broadcast, Print and Public Relations & Advertising (PRAD). With this in mind, I got pretty confused as to where I would do my industrial training because it had to be in my area of specialisation, and I hadn’t chosen where to specialise yet. To cut the long story short, I decided to do my Industrial training in an advertising firm. Hence, the search for an appropriate firm began.

After searching online for quite some time, I came across Brand Connect Media. I immediately put a call through to them, and an interview was scheduled. After the interview, I was told to resume on the 1st of July which was just perfect for me. And that was when my industrial training journey began. Oh! You must be wondering what to call be by now but I guess that should be on this article’s by-line. Anyways my cheque says Modupe Samuel.

You know, people have this saying that whatever you’re taught within the four walls of a classroom is basically theory and usually doesn’t apply in the real world – well, most times. The truth of this saying began to materialise as soon as I started my internship programme at Brand Connect Media. Right from the first three days I spent there, I learnt as much as a whole semester in school would have taught me.

I was introduced to a lot of things, ranging from creation of ad copies, to top notch client servicing, writing of proposals, execution of the proposals, pitching, media buying, media selling, personal growth and so so many more. I’ve learnt a whole lot that can kick my career off and going back to school, I am highly convinced that I am far from being a novice to any course on advertising. I wouldn’t call myself a professional just yet however, I won’t be totally new to the basics and even deeper than the basics. One of the things which my internship programme here has taught me is that one shouldn’t rely only on what is been taught in school alone. And this, I’m sure, is one of the reasons why industrial training was created; so as to open the eyes of students to the real world. So that one doesn’t graduate thinking life is all sunshine and rainbows. The world is meant for the fit and only the fit are sure to survive WELL in it. Fitness in this context isn’t physical. It involves mental, emotional and spiritual fitness.

What is it people say about a healthy working environment? Well I can’t really place a finger on it right now, but all I can say is that a healthy work environment plays a great role in the performance of staff. The working environment of Brand Connect Media is one I didn’t expect. To start with, every single member of the company is young and savvy, creative, intelligent and professional in what they do. The youthfulness of the staff is one of the unique selling points of the company. Contrary to the ideas I had of how the working environment would be, everyone in the company treated me like I was family. To say the least, BCM is one big family. The CEO of the company Dele Okusanya regardless of the African culture we call him on a first name basis, is one of the youngest CEOs in the business presently. His vision and translation of the vision is highly commendable. And this is why I immediately decided to add him to the list of my role models in the field of my profession.

In conclusion, words aren’t enough to adequately give a detailed description of how my three-month internship programme in Brand Connect Media went. It is an experience that I know some people haven’t achieved even in three years in their lives. And for this, I remain truly grateful.