September 8, 2015 / by By Dele Okusanya /

Understanding the future of Digital

Digital a few years ago was something we saw coming but never envisaged how much it will rock us as an industry. The best way to reach the highest percentage of target is online. Every other means of communication and advertising now becomes traditional. We can’t say they don’t still have their powers but we can say they have lost some of it to this new trend.

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September 8, 2015 / by Modupe Samuel

Three months of creative experience

I’m a student of University of Ilorin. When I resumed at the beginning of my 200 level session, I was told that we would be doing our industrial training that year. The interesting thing about my department; Mass Communication, is that it has three various sequences which gives one the choice of where to specialise from 300 level. The three sequences are Broadcast, Print and Public Relations & Advertising (PRAD). With this in mind, I got pretty confused as to where I would do my industrial training because it had to be in my area of specialisation, and I hadn’t chosen where to specialise yet. To cut the long story short, I decided to do my Industrial training in an advertising firm. Hence, the search for an appropriate firm began.

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September 9, 2015 / by Modupe Samuel /

Introducing Soulmate Luxury Liners

I woke up one fateful day and looked in the mirror. There and then I discovered there was a missing part of me. Hold on, is this beginning to sound like a love story or is it just me? Well that’s what happens when you find your Soulmate, oh wait a minute I just found mine. Wondering who or what it could be? It’s Soulmate Luxury Eyeliners!

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