September 9, 2015 / by Modupe Samuel /

Introducing Soulmate Luxury Liners

I woke up one fateful day and looked in the mirror. There and then I discovered there was a missing part of me. Hold on, is this beginning to sound like a love story or is it just me? Well that’s what happens when you find your Soulmate, oh wait a minute I just found mine. Wondering who or what it could be? It’s Soulmate Luxury Eyeliners! Okay, so let’s go back to my story. A quick glance to the left of my table led me to this Eyeliners as we start work on the product development. And with a gentle application of it at least i’m free to have a complimentary feel, I fell in love straight away.

You’re probably wondering what all this fuss is about Soulmate Eyeliners. Well, the fuss is necessary! Manufactured in Germany in a bid to create the best quality, Soulmate Eye Pencil is a high performance product, high intensity color combined with ease of application and great staying power. It’s a German based formula that provides the precision necessary to create the perfect line or the smooth-ability you’ll need to achieve the smokiest of eyes.

The pencils are packed with extra benefits such as its super long lasting nature which enables it last on your eyes for as long as possible. It is also waterproof, which makes it resilient to harsh weather conditions and difficult to be wiped off by any form of liquid. Another benefit is its fine silk finish – it glides easily on your skin and blends seamlessly while giving you a completely flawless look. It is also super soft and gentle on your skin.

Your search is over when you find these Luxury Eye candies. Your search is over when you find your Soulmate eyeliners.